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Unique Construction Services From ECO Materials

ECO trend is becoming more and more popular, it is not just a trend anymore, it is becoming a lifestyle of a lot of people, companies, and countries. People start to understand more and more that their lifestyle today impacts their living conditions the day after tomorrow. Today, it is easier to be an “ECO minded” person. There are so many proposals on organic, ECO food, beauty and body care, home care products, pet care products, etc. However, it is still difficult to find good proposals on ECO-apartments, which will combine ECO style and ECO materials with comfort, uniqueness, creativity and luxury style as well.

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Nuevo Design & Unique ECO Construction Services

Nuevo Design is a highly professional full service event management agency, specializing in design and construction of different types of houses, villas, and apartments. Our unique proposal on the market is the construction of apartments from qualitative ECO materials. We have a wide range of ECO materials, which can be used for interior and exterior of the developing project. We can work with different architectural styles, areas, sizes, and tasks the clients have. What is more, we use innovative technologies and materials. Our team consists of highly professional experts: designers, architectures, engineers, and managers. We are sure in the full chain of our workers: from the leading manager to the builder. One of our key success factors is the fact that we have our own production site. All concept ideas are creating in collaboration with production facilities, so we can invent really fabulous and realistic designs of the ECO future.

Nuevo Design is an ECO agency:

• We use only high quality ECO materials and can provide you with the certificates of origin and all the corresponding documents upon your request. Nuevo Design has very safe and qualitative suppliers of ECO materials, so we can be sure about their origin, safety and quality.
• Although our engineers are using innovative smart ECO technologies: sun battery heating, ergonomic design, waste system, cleansing system, etc.
• We are although offering the usage of a special Canadian technology in ECO houses development, using SIP panels.

Nuevo Design proposal is not about a fancy design, it is a high-tech, innovative and creative ECO house of the future. We care about our clients. We care about their health, via using “clean” materials; about their comfort, via creating very functional area; about their image, via building a really fabulous, unique and personal design, which can impress others.
Have a look at our portfolio and you will find great projects with unique, special interiors, and with personal touch of each client.

House of the Future from Nuevo Design

Nuevo design has a very good manager’s team, so your project will be lead by highly experienced experts, which can support you 24/7, with strict timing and satisfying all the requirements you have during the project.
We are ready to propose you full cycle projects or services on separate stages.
Our company includes full cycle of construction project development services:

– Concept development (creative concepts, 3D modeling, graphic design)
– Technical concept (heating technology, lightning, security, waste, cleaning systems and etc…)
– Documentary support
– Budgeting and calculation
– Purchasing and procurement
– Production and construction
– Management from the concept to the final building done.

We specialize both in interior and exterior. So, our experts will plan a pool and a green area for you, will help with landscaping, technical buildings, etc.
We will use every centimeter of your area very smart, creating all functional possibilities. We can also offer special attractive prices from our premium-quality partners in home appliances, furniture and etc for our clients.
With Nuevo Design it is so easy to live in a comfortable, fabulous place and care about the environment via using our ECO technologies. Build an ECO future together with Nuevo Design and start an ECO style of your living from the place you live.