Eco Exhibition Stand Fabrication

Unique ECO Friendly exhibition stands In Dubai

More and more companies are becoming social oriented and are seeking for ECO solutions in their businesses. However, there are not so many ECO proposals for B2B segment on the market, which can support the company`s ECO style of doing business. Nuevo Design is a very experienced event management agency, with the specialization on branding, design, special events and promo materials production.
We offer premium quality services on exhibition stands development and production. Our exhibition stands are unique, creative, and functional and stand out from the crowd. Nuevo Design wants to be always a step further, so we are always focusing on innovations.

ECO Friendly exhibition stands In Dubai

Today we are the only one company, offering our clients eco exhibition stand fabrication services in Dubai. The proposal is unique on the market, so via using our ECO stands you can differentiate your brand from the others and underline your ECO business orientation. Such stands are done only from pure ECO materials; we can prove the origin of the materials with the certificates and etc.
We believe that the ECO segment grows every year and covers more and more areas of our life and business on a regular basis.
Using our unique eco stands and other promo materials can improve the social image of your company or just become the 1st step in becoming socially oriented company. Also using such unique materials can build “ECO” and “naturalness” image attributes for your brand.
Our proposal can be of a big value for companies of different industries:

– food industry, specializing on ECO and organic products
– medicine & pharmacy
– beauty & body care
– laundry& home care
and many other ECO-minded companies.

Nuevo Design is here for you to become your long-term partner in doing the business in the right way via caring about the environment and future generations.

Additional ECO Services from Nuevo Design

Despite of eco exhibition stand fabrication services, Nuevo Design has developed several additional services, covering ECO area:

– Development and production of promo materials from ECO materials
– Industrial, office and home interior design from ECO materials
– Stage development and production from ECO materials
– Special Canadian technology ECO houses development and building, using SIP panels.