Interior Design Trends You Will Observe In 2016

8 Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

An interior design is like an art. There are always some long-term untouched canons and rules, but at the same time there are so many styles, forms, varieties, technologies, details, which can become trendy or old-fashion. Interior design trends are changing with the influence of the fashion, the art, new technologies invention, global trends (ECO trend for example) and etc.

2015 was the year of long-term design trends appearing, so some of them will be for sure of a big interest this year as well, and some will bring really fresh air into design projects of 2016. We would like to share with you 8 relevant interior design trends and ideas of 2016, which you will be observing in the most fashionable and modern apartments.
1. Color trends of 2016. Every year global color authority Pantone name the trendiest color of the upcoming year. 2016 will be a unique year, as there are two colors named: pastel pink (Rose Quartz) and powder blue (Serenity). These two colors are already reflected in the world of fashion, and are spreading now into design and home d?cor industry as well. The colors can be used separately and as a very tender, romantic combination.
2.ECO style of living. ECO style is not a new trend; however it still stays relevant this year. Building of ECO-friendly houses is a new niche, you can find on the market. Nuevo Design company, for example, possesses a Canadian technology of ECO-houses building, using SIP panels.
ECO materials will be used in different interior objects (floor, walls, furniture, d?cor, etc), natural materials (wood, skin, stones) and natural textures are still a “must have” for modern interior design. Organic shapes will also appear in furniture design. For example, live edge tables are very trendy today. Stones and minerals are very fashionable this year and can make a stunning effect at the visitors of your place. Designers offer to use natural stones for bath or kitchen surfaces or just decorate a living room with a piece of a beautiful rose quartz.
3. Put a garden at your home. Together with an ECO style the next trend comes very naturally: put a garden into your apartment. Plants, greenery of all kind and garden accessories are appearing indoors, turning the apartment into relaxing, fresh and comfortable place. The designers say that there are no more borders between outdoor and indoor furniture and d?cor, they are merging. For example, a table or chairs you bought for the terrace can look very naturally in an even luxury designed living room.
4. Metal came back. Fashion trends are full of return to 1970s, this touch will appear in interior design via metallic elements. Gold, copper, brass or chrome and other metals are coming into the most fashionable apartments. Their appearance for sure will add a touch of glamorous and sophistication into the design. We will see metals of any kind in different d?cor elements (mirrors, lighting, stair railings, door handles, etc), furniture, tile, walls. In 2016 even textile, like napkins or pillows can have a slight shine of metal colors.
This year warm gold tones are the most relevant: copper, rose and bronze. A unique trend for this year designs is the possibility to mix different metals.
5. Handmade products from local artisans. Handmade, hand-crafted products are always trendy. Famous design studios are supporting incorporation of artisan goods into home interiors. Hand-woven textile, hand-crafted plates and other tableware can be beautifully combined with high-tech kitchen interior. Designers ask us not to be afraid of mixing vintage hand-made things with modern ones. Weaving and knitting are very trendy again. Have a look, for example, at very interesting plaids and rugs with giant knitting, made of merino wool.
6. Ethnic and natural prints. Trendy d?cor elements have different ethnic prints: African, Asian, etc. Together with ethnic motifs, nature-looking prints are also in favor of the designers, like animal or plants images, tropical prints, etc.
Use natural bright colors like bold blue, saturated yellow or natural green with more calm and classical cream, grey or white colors.
7. Cubism and geometric forms. Geometric textile was always that bright d?cor element, with which you can add some sophistication to the apartment. This year it is also trendy to use geometric prints for floor tiles, countertops, a d?cor, textile, etc.
Cubism is also a trend for furniture or d?cor elements, it can have prism, trapeze or polyhedron shapes.

8. Functionality and sustainability. We have one more trend linked to ECO style of living. Today`s interior should not have just a great look, but also be developed with the innovative technologies to minimize the impact on the environment and our eco system. When consumers are buying goods for the interior, they start to consider more and more their long lasting usage, think about recycling or reusing.
Also our homes should become more and more functional. Each centimeter of the area can be used very smart by the architectures. An ergonomic design is becoming very popular even in a luxury segment. Multifunctional furniture, smart home appliances and techniques are will be used in interior design projects of year 2016.
Hope you enjoy interior design trends overview from Nuevo Design, prepared based on a lot of different competent sources. Nuevo Design is a full service event agency, specializing in high-class interior design projects. If you want to make your apartment trendy and fashionable, our designers are here for you to develop a great place to live in. We will use trends of 2016 in a smart way, keeping our client`s personal touch, requirements and all peculiarities.


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