Mobile World Congress 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016 Results

Mobile World Congress is one of the most important events in the mobile industry and in all digital world as well. MWC includes a biggest mobile industry exhibition and a conference with speeches and discussions from the most influencing and important business persons (mobile operators, IT companies, electronic devices producers, etc). It is a very important event for those who want to hear long-term strategies presentations from business leaders, experts, see all upcoming innovations, meat potential partners, clients and market leaders.
This year conference took place in Barcelona from 22 to 25 February. A number of attendees was fantastic: over 100 000 visitors from 204 countries and 2 200 exhibition participators. The exhibition was rich with innovations from all mobile phones producers, this year they go beyond just smart phones. Virtual reality headsets, security robots for our homes, 360 degrees cameras, convertible laptops and other gadgets impressed the visitors of MWC 2016 in Barcelona. But for sure an introduction of smart phones innovations was a key topic of the event. One interesting fact, mentioned in speeches from business leaders, people are checking their smart phones in average 150 times per day. A smart phone became an integral part of our self and our bodies. So, the task for the industry leaders was to understand what comes next, beyond today`s possibilities of phones. The best smart phone prize, to our mind, goes to Samsung and it`s Galaxy S7 Edge. Their key two flagships Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are premium in touch, with big superb quality screens, and it`s got now cutting-edge specs under the hood and by the way it is water-resistant now. The next amazing phone on the exhibition is LG G5. Its most interesting feature of is a removable battery, that you can access via pulling on the phone`s chin. A high-class digital camera has a dial to zoom into the picture you want to shoot. A new phone has also a high-end audio kit. Moreover, LG also brought a new take on virtual reality headset: LG 360 VR, where all the brains are in the phone, so the headsets you wear are like glasses.
Needless to add, HTC was also great in VR segment with its HTC Vive hands on.
The most interesting surprise was Xperia Ear product from Sony. We like it as it is a very smart gadget, earpiece, which keeps you in touch with your phone every time, so you do not need to check the screen. And by the way, it is compatible with other Android phones, besides Xperia. Innovative cameras, which can take 360 degree pictures, were announced both by Samsung and LG. One more amazing thing from the event was LG rolling robot. A remote controlled spherical robot with cameras, IR sensors, speakers and laser projection possibility.
Last but not least, we would like to mention Oppo`s new highly-speed charging battery technology. With it we can charge our phones from 0 to 100% within 15 minutes. It sounds great!

Noteworthy is the fact that the conference impressed with a huge amount of young start-ups in phones applications area.

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