Consumer Electronics Show`S Best Innovations

CES (Consumer electronics show) is one of the biggest and the most important showcase for those, who are engaged in the consumer technologies business. The exhibition has been held in Las Vegas annually for more than 40 years and always surprises its consumers with breakthrough innovations and technologies of the future. This year the exhibition, held at the beginning of January, had demonstrated a good balance between real products and conceptual innovative ideas. So, let`s have a look at the most interesting innovations demonstrated at CES 2016.

• Automobile producers have shown many innovations in an electro car segment this year. Faraday Future demonstrated a very innovative prototype of electro car, named FFZERO1. Volkswagen brought a concept of electro microbus Budd-e, entering a mass market segment. General Motors offers not just an idea, but almost a developed product: an electro car Chevy Bolt, planned to be launched in 2017. An approximate price of it will be around 30K USD.
Also there were some interesting conceptual ideas demonstrated from Microsoft in the segment of self-managed cars. The computer of cars is connected to the information from smart phones and traffic lights, so they can have a lot of information regarding an external situation on the road.

• “Smart house” solutions were also one of the hottest topics this year. This year producers try to offer some conceptual ideas of smart house system solutions, trying to put their devices into the center of full house control. For example, Samsung offers a lot of innovations in sub brand “Smart Things”. They try to turn a new smart TV “SUHD” into a center of a smart house, so it becomes possible to control all houses systems, using TV.

• There were also many interesting innovations demonstrated in the area of IoT (Internet of Things) from Apple, Samsung, Google, TP Link. “Petcube” company developed a cloud service “Petcube protect”, the aim of which is to transfer from just a control system for pets into a security house system as well.

• A virtual reality is an integral part of CES. So this year we saw many head-mounted display systems from Sony, HTC and Oculus. Smart phones and laptops are becoming thinner. Many producers demonstrated new very thin laptops, with the weight below 1 kg. Samsung brought a new thin product line, named “Notebook 9 Series”. A key feature of a new ultra book is the weight 860g and only 12,7 mm height, powered by an Intel® Core™ i7 processor. There were also many interesting new phones and tablets from smaller players of the industry like Onetouch, Huawei and ZTE.

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