Eco-Friendly Home Trends

Eco-Friendly Home Trends

Hottest Trends Of Modern ECO Houses

Knowledge on global earth problems, natural resources exhaustion, and pollution tragedies make people more conscious about their own contribution into an environment care. ECO style of living is very trendy nowadays. People try to use and consume only organic products and make their place of living more greener and ECO minded. Today`s technologies and innovations help to turn our houses into very smart places. Have a look at some smart things ECO home should have.

• Energy audit. Not a new thing, but still a hot topic among eco-minded flat owners. Such kind of audit can help you to analyze how and where you can save money on the energy of the apartment and lower its consumption level.

• Home automation. Smart home features, like automation cut down significantly on wasted energy. It is a great contribution in global and your personal energy savings. A smart house control system will reduce your spends twice, as you can be sure that there will not be a problem, like the electricity is switched on, when no one is in the house. Today you can manage all the processes in the house using your smart phone.

• Conservation of water. Not a new one, but still very relevant tip, which can save the planet resources and your bill, as well. Smart water control includes low-flow toilets, shower heads. Permeable pavers and paving stones are trendy solutions of water smart usage this year. Also there are many options for low-water landscaping systems.

• ECO materials. A usage of ecologically clean materials is a must, when you choose an ECO approach. Some companies can offer an ECO-house project from zero to the final building done with the usage of natural materials inside and outside. Bamboo, for example, is a beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly material. It is very popular for flooring, in bathrooms or kitchens. Stones are also a very trendy and fashionable eco material for your home.

• Solar panels. For sure it is a great option for energy saving and even for sustainability of the roofing. Solar roofing is still significant in the cost, however it starts to become more affordable every year. If it is impossible to set up the whole-house solar system, you can at least use solar pathway lights or solar oven for outdoor cooking.

• Energy efficient windows. Special window treatments and energy efficient windows are also smart attributes of ECO-house. Such windows have a special glazing and tighter seals, so it helps to keep the outdoor air outside more efficiently.

• Home farming. Urban farming is a very easy way to make your home a greener place and be sure about the food you eat. It is possible to do with a backyard for sure, but also windowsill herb garden is a very nice ECO step.

An ECO style of living begins from very simple steps you can start doing today.


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