Simple SEO Tools To Boost The Business Online

12 Free SEO Tools For Online Business Growth

A search engine optimization became a must have for any business online. A web sites promotion, sales drive or brand awareness growth and many other business goals can be achieved by simple free SEO tools. Being number 1 or 2 in the search list means sometimes much more than huge marketing budgets for TV and other media. We have prepared for you a list of effective and simple in use SEO tools, which help you to improve the attractiveness of your web-site or a brand promo event. All these tools you can use by yourself, they will help you to analyze what important and interesting for the consumer, how does your web site operate, who are your loyal audience, is the content you have relevant for the visitors and many other questions. One of the most popular tools is Google Trends. This tool will help you to analyze the tendency of the search queries, to find the trendiest keywords on your subject in Google and understand consumer`s behavior changes in queries over time. It will also help to analyze your branded words statistics.
• AdWords keyword planner can be used in a combination with Google Trends and will help to search for keywords or ad group ideas and analyze how one or another keyword is performing. You can use it for the building of a new keyword list or modify an existing one. It will also help you to invest smartly by understanding competitive bids for different keywords.
• Moz is another tool, which helps you to compare different keywords, make rankings and understand from where the biggest traffic is coming. You can use Moz`s Open Sire Explorer to check domain authority of various web-sites on the Web and make competitors analysis.
• Screaming frog tool is also used by professionals and business or web-sites owners. It is a free tool, which gives you the analytics on SEO web-site problems. You can use it as the audit for your site, it will show duplicated pages, missing metadata, broken links and site statistics like pages numbers, meta descriptions, titles and etc.
• Yoast is a great tool. You need to install it when creating any WordPress blog. It will help to install the key SEO metadata and optimizations without any technical skills, and help to choose right keywords for a better content writing.
• GT Metrix will check the speed of your web-site loading, as the speed can also influence on the search engine ranking. You just put your URL-link into GT Metrix and it will come with the site speed score and the list with ways for its improvement.
• Clicky will help to analyze in details your web audience, divided by segments. It can also help to create consumers email database and etc.
• KissMetrix is a good software for a web analytics study and will provide you with the data on effectiveness of visitor`s engagement.
• Google`s WebMaster tool is great to get a detailed report about your web information visibility in Google. By submitting your web site to WebMaster, you can get access to a very detailed SEO keyword data and other information. It will help to make the page more Google-friendly and increase it`s ranking.
• Responsive Design Checker will help to check whether your site or page is adapted for mobile devices, as smart phone penetration is huge, and you need to have the design, which fits any screen.
• SEMrush is a good tool for a competitors environment checking. You can get insights, which keywords your competitors are using for traffic generation and even get cost per click for them.
• Piwik is another tool, which provides you with very good web analytics of your internet information. You can get data on conversion tracking, event or PR campaign tracking. Piwik Data storage is unlimited, so you may keep as many reports as you wish.

There are so many tools, which can give you a lot of information for the right web marketing strategy development and which can help you to put your page in top of the search list easily. If you need help of SEO experts in Dubai, Nuevo Design will do it for you. We can set-up very effective web sites or improve the ranking of your current ones and teach you how to use free tools by yourself in the future.