Social Media Engagement Ideas At The Exhibition

Social Media Engagement Ideas At The Exhibition

How To Promote An Exhibition Participation In Social Media

A participation in the exhibition is a great opportunity to promote your brand, meet potential consumers, clients, partners or suppliers, show innovations and etc.
Today everything goes digital, the same is with trade shows and exhibitions.
The most creative and attractive exhibition stand and best products propositions can have a silent effect without a good promotion. One of the key success factors of a great exhibition or a trade show is an engagement in social media.
Here you can find some simple tips of your event linking to social media.

• Pre-exhibition activities. All the industrial exhibitions or trade shows need to be announced and promoted before the event. In case you just a participator you also need to generate some pre-show buzz to generate consumer`s attention. You can create a sub-page on your website or Facebook event with the information about your participation. You can also create a teaser video. Creative teaser video about your new product or services, shared in social media, can generate an immediate interest to your brand and increase number of contacts during the exhibition.

• Use and communicate event or company #Hashtag. To promote your company during the event, you need a simple, short and linked to your brand keyword – a hashtag. It will help to connect all the comments and information around the topic in Instagram, Twitter, etc. We recommend including it in all POS materials, media publications and
even as a part of the exhibition stand to create an immediate effect and grow
your visibility.

• Make people share your content. Take pictures or short video of the most interesting events on the show and your place. Make it alive and share it in media immediately, so people may follow what is going on in this precise minute. You need to make them want to join the event.
You need to give people interesting content they will want to share about your brand. Creative stand with great photo zone for visitors or a short publication about testing of a new product on the exhibition right now can generate positive buzz in media.

• Social giveaways and contests. Traditional instrument which can work really amazing via linking it also to social media. With giveaways and contests it is easier to make people share the content, take pictures, using your hashtag and etc. Creatively done and promoted contest or an interesting game can increase the number of effective contacts during the exhibition to a significantly larger scale.

• Respond to your audience. Even the most involving and positive content doesn`t work without communication with the audience. It is a golden rule of any digital promotion. You need to be ready and have resources for immediate response to the questions or comments under your posts. A topic discussion should be under your control. You need to lead it and smooth negative comments, if any appear.

• Post-event communication. Make sure you will effectively add to contacts all of your visitors during the exhibition. By effectively we mean not just adding the entire list to your database, but also add them in social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln) with personalized messages.
We also recommend creating post-event publications with the overview, pictures, and comments and share them both in Media and via emails.

Hope these simple tips of an exhibition participation promotion in social media will help you grow your business and awareness of your brand.
Nuevo Design provides a superb quality services on exhibition stands development and construction, and can also help you with the promotion in social or other media as well.