Styles Of Interior Design: A Simple Guide

Styles Of Interior Design: A Simple Guide

How to Find your Style of Interior Design Style

It is time to make a choice on the look of your future apartment and you don`t know where to start, right? To understand which references to look for, it is good to know an interior design style you want to live in. In a big variety of different trends and sub styles, combinations it is good to know the basics.

Nuevo Design is a full service design agency, specializing in an exterior and interior design development and production. We have prepared a simple overview on the most common and popular interior directions with the main bullet points of each style.
Classic style. It comes to us from the time of Greek and Roman Empires.
The essential features of classic style are:
– Symmetry and order. One side is a mirror for another. Balance in everything. All rooms are located around one central place, like fireplace or TV zone.
– Natural colors and textures. Wooden textures, warm colors: beige, yellow, green, brown.
– Elegant fabrics with classical ornamentations.

Modern style. The essential characteristic of it is the functionality is the key:

– Functionality before the form
– Clean lined, no massive decorative accessories, free space, simplicity
– Neutral colors, no bright elements
– Asymmetry
– Geometric shapes are essential

Minimalistic style. A clean and airy design with next features:
– Big and open area, minimum of furniture
– Cool colors: total white, grey or blue.
– Storage is the key to make a space airy and clean
– Monochromic design
– Small bright elements can be added
Scandinavian design is very similar to minimalistic, but has some peculiarities: more wooden materials to be used, more natural elements, bright elements of furniture and others.
Art Deco style:
– Elegant and glamorous
– Black, gold, purple, dark red colors as a base and in d?cor elements
– Lacquered wood for surfaces
– A lot of lightning
– Heavily decorated with accessorizes
– Bold, saturated colors
– Sophisticated forms
Urban or loft style design. This style is very popular both in offices and in living apartments.
– Industrial look (bricks, metal, steel and other industrial materials)
– Open space
– Non-traditional home-materials and design features
– Non-functional objects as a d?cor
– Workplace style
– Unique and trendy
– Cold colors
Country style design. On the contrary to the previous style, this one is cozy, warm, and homey.
– Traditional national peculiarities (Provence, English )
– Vintage accessorize
– Natural pastel colors: yellow, blue, lavender, rose, light green.
– Robust and garden furniture
– Rustic style of furniture, surfaces, d?cor
– Comfortable
– A little bit clattered
For sure there are more styles: Rococo, Victorian, Georgian and others. We focused on the most popular ones for nowadays. It is also very popular an eclectic style, which is a combination of different styles.