Top Web Design Trends For Your Site

The Most Popular Web Design Trends in 2016

Web design is a constantly changing field because of new tools, ideas, best practices, and user-friendly, usable layouts appearing. Nuevo Design company, being one of the most professional and creative providers of graphic design services, wants to share with our clients the most widespread and interesting trends in web design for the year 2016. This information can be very useful for your web site modernization, helping to attract more visitors and increase traffic.
So, have a look at the web design trends list you need to be familiar with this year:

• UI pattern spreading. This means that the major UI patterns are becoming very common and similar. This doesn`t mean that competitors are copy pasting each other, but it became easier and more comfortable for the consumer to use more unified web sites. So, which UI patterns are becoming unified? These are the hamburger menu, a usage of iconography, a registration of the account (to fill the info or log in with a social account).
• Card layouts. A card layout functions as content containers; each of the card represents one content area. It is a great option for the web site with a lot of data, which need to be systemized and should be scanned.
• Live product previews on the home page. It’s become very popular to have the ability to add a live product preview on a custom landing page (it can be a live animation or just a simple PNG screenshot or even a high-quality hero-video clip). One more trend is to add a custom explainer video, to explain to the visitors how the product is functioning (as the visitor can skip a description of the product features). We must say that web design is moving towards movies.
• Involving and rich animations. Animations help to involve more in site`s storytelling. Be careful with an animations usage, they should add to your site more interaction, involvement but at the same time deliver the key idea of your brand/product. The most popular animations types are loading animations, hover animations, motion animations, background animations or videos, scrolling animations.
• Material Design. Last year Google announce material design, as its new design language. It was a big success for Android designers, but now it is spreading to the whole web design world. It is a very good and realistic alternative to flat design trend. Material Design has shadow effects, concepts of movements, it is deeper, brighter. You can use free libraries with custom codes, like Material UI, to construct a new layout easily.
• A responsive design is a possibility to adapt your web-site to any format and device. It is not even a trend but a must have in the world, where smart phones are being used 24hours per day by people.
• Scrolling and vertical user flow. One more trend, appeared on the huge penetration of mobile devices, most of the user interfaces are becoming more vertical for an easy scrolling.
• Sketches and a using of illustrations. Illustrations are widely used for different web-sites, as they can add some fun, modernity and are looking very stylish. Sketch style icons, hand-drawn illustrations are looking very personal to the site visitors.
• Micro interactions. People are interacting with their devices constantly, they become natural. Like simple alarms or liking a picture on FB and etc. In web design, it`s also very useful to use this micro interaction to build more connection with the user. You can use them for status communication or help the visitor to see the result of the action.
• Bigger and bolder colors and beautiful typography. Web design is becoming brighter, richer in colors; big color is for sure a trend for 2016. Colors palette is inspired almost by 1980`s.

Hope you enjoy our overview of web design trends, so your web-sites can become even more attractive and engaging for the consumers.