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Interior Design In Dubai

An interior design development is an art, which need to be done by a highly professional and creative artist because your apartment is the expression of your personality, as well as a corporate interior design speaks a lot about your business and brands.
Moreover, the interior designer should not be just an artist, but also an excellent architectural engineer, as the functionality of your design is the key thing.
Nuevo Design is a full service event management agency, providing best in class design services. One of our strong specializations is interior design in Dubai.
A highly experienced and professional team of European experts can do an interior design of any complexity, style, materials and other requirements you have, keeping in mind building peculiarities, law restrictions and etc.
The great combination of creative, unique and special designs with very useful and comfortable functionality is one of our key benefits and competitive advantage.
We are specializing in the interior design of:

• Shopping malls and shops
• Show rooms
• Corporate building (office space, separate cabins, conference rooms)
• Reception
• Concert halls and stages
• Apartments and etc.

We offer turnkey projects: from the concept development to the final work done. But also our team can be engaged on separate stages (concepts, 3D modeling, calculation, management, production, etc).
Nuevo Design`s strengths are in the combination of very talented designers and architectures and our own production site. So, we make sure each of our specialists (from the designer to the worker on the production line) has very good skills and talent.

Our set of services includes major steps:

• Design concept development and visualization
• Budgeting and calculation
• Documentary support (permissions, registration, etc.)
• Purchasing, procurement
• Production and installation

Our project manager can guarantee you a clear and realistic timing, a precise control of every stage and the fulfillment of every commitment from our side.
We work with a high-tech technology, using materials and ideas of the future and can offer very creative solutions with a unique, personal approach to each project.
We will not stop before you will be 100% satisfied with the results.
Although we understand that there always can be a budget constrain, so our team will do our best to find the most qualitative but value for money solutions.

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Nuevo Design: Exclusive Stage Design In Dubai

With the growing number of events of all types (from corporate to national) stage design services are becoming in a big demand.
Nuevo Design is widely acknowledged as leading the field in this market niche.
An exclusive stage design in Dubai can be easily found in our company. We provide a full set of services in this area. A big experience and very professional team can guarantee the high-class project fulfillment.
We can offer very creative full concepts based on the event planned and prepare very difficult and unique constructions within your requirements and budget.
We know how to make the stage very impressive and foresee every functional peculiarity of the event.
Please have a look at our portfolio to make sure you will get a great result, using our services.

Exclusive Eco Design Services In Dubai

Nuevo Design is not only about creativity, professionalism and great realization.
We are a socially responsible company and can offer to our customer unique ECO design services in Dubai in this field:
• Interior and stage design production using ECO materials
• Design, production and installation of exclusive exhibition stands from ECO materials
• Building of ECO houses, using a special Canadian technology with SIP panels.

We see our future additional mission as to help companies become not only successful, but also ECO-minded and socially responsible.