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High-Class Entertainment 3D Mapping Services

The consumers are becoming more and more demanding nowadays; classical marketing promo tools are not working anymore. To make an impressive promo today, you need to use innovative and very creative tools. Nuevo Design is an experienced and highly professional event management agency, providing a wide range of services: from graphic design to building creative promo constructions.
Our agency along with our partners Magic Innovations can offer very unique services on 3D mapping and holograms to create a really incredible 3D show with innovative high-tech technologies.
3D mapping is a projection technology, which helps create incredible 3D visual shows on any surface, transforming surrounding reality into a magical, fabulous world. Projection mapping can be produced on different surfaces: buildings, walls, nature landscapes, any interior object, even cars or other transport.
The most impressive for sure is 3D mapping on buildings, big area helps to create really inspiring things with the great combination of motion graphic, colors and the creative content.
3D mapping can make a real revolution for your business or event, as there are so many options, we can bring into life any idea you have or create a great concept to make an unforgettable impression, your target audience will never forget.
Nuevo Design is a highly experienced team of very talented experts: creative directors for concept development, graphic designers, video designers, architectures, engineers, lightning specialists and etc. Our key success factors in this business are:

– Creative and unique concepts, developed to meet your targets
– High-quality, innovative equipment for the show of any scale
– Possession of innovative, high-tech technologies and projection techniques
– Strong production site to create any construction or scenery you need

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So, our strong feature in a great combination of the creative ideas invention and strong production capabilities. We have many projects in our portfolio, and can develop a project for any scale: from big city shows to small business presentations. We are offering to our clients a special 360-degree 3D mapping, where a visual show is created on circular screens or inside the building. Although it can be interesting to use a pool or water projection, water as a surface can create an amazing result. 3D mapping on cars surface is although a great promo tool for automobile industry. 3D projection technology helps to cover a real car with the car image, to show it`s transformations. We are providing also services on creating 3D holograms, this technology helps to create any visual object via projecting or create an animated promo person. Our creative ideas and modern technology can push the boundaries and make a big “WOW” effect on your audience, so your event will never be forgotten.

The Best 3D Projection Shows From Nuevo Design

Our team can turn any of your dreams into a reality with 3D mapping. This technology will help to create a gorgeous event to promote your brand.

Nuevo Design provides you with a full range of services and covers all stages:

– Creative concept development
– Video and graphic design
– 3D projection mapping design
– Holograms creation
– Temporary and permanent installation
– Construction and scenery building
– On-site set-up
– All technical equipment support
– Documentary support
– PR support and connections with other media

A great 3D projection can drive business results of different industries. It is a great opportunity to make an unforgettable announce of new product launch or business start-up, or to promote art or entertainment events.
With our ideas and technical support your vision will be brought into life to make a stunning effect on your audience

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In partnership with Magic Innovations.